A Safety Professional with over 15 years experience, managing the safety and human resources for some of the largest companies in the U.S. Also, I am an OSHA Authorized Trainer, in both Construction and General Industry, am recognized for developing and maintaining a “world class” safety culture, skilled in training both internal and external customers, committed to a team effort of safety and have a zero tolerance for accident, injuries, and safety failures regardless of their individual position.

Key Skills

Business DevelopmentFiscal ManagementCost Control Strategies
Safety, Service, & Sales Incentive ProgramsLoss Prevention InitiativesAdvanced Technical Knowledge
Strategic PlanningMotivational TrainingCustomer Service
Record Setting ReductionsSupervisionClaims Management

Work Experience

AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST– Massachusetts and Rhode Island

A regional construction, surface mining, and recycling company with over $150 million annual revenue and 300 employees

Safety Director, December 2006 to Present

Train, supervise, and motivate Owners, Senior Management, Supervisors, Foreman, and employees in all aspects of health and safety. These include OSHA General Industry and Construction, MSHA, and DOT training and compliance.

Key Accomplishments:

§ Development of Safety Culture resulting in National Safety Council Million Work Hours Award.

§ Aggressive managing of claims resulting in an overall year to date reduction in claims cost of 47% year over year.

§ Adjusted drug testing program to be more efficient and to reduce costs by 79%.

CASELLA WASTE MANAGEMENT – New York, Vermont, New Hampshire

A regional, non-hazardous solid waste services company with $300 million annual revenue and 2,600 employees

Region Safety and Human Resources Manager, June 2002 to September 2006

Train, supervise, and motivate the management at 54 individual locations in three states in the daily development of a “world class” safety culture and compliance with all OSHA (both General Industry & Construction) and DOT compliance.

Key Accomplishments:

§ Implementation of a route recognition program to reduce and eliminate work related injuries and accidents before they occur by identifying deficiencies which have resulted in a 52% reduction in claims and a reduction of 47% in costs.

§ Developed a slip, trip, and fall program to reduce winter related slips and falls which has virtually eliminated this type of injury which previously cost the company over $400,000 a year in workers compensation claims.

§ Instituted a defensive driving program with all employees that has helped to reduce auto accidents, including backing claims, by over 50%.

§ Eliminated landfill gas exposure by introduction of proper excavation techniques.


An industry leading waste company with $9.1 billion annual revenue, 45,000 employees, and 34,000 pieces of equipment

Division Safety Manager, August 1999 to March 2002

Hire, train, supervise, and motivate the safety of over 430 employee at six sites. Manage the Division’s day-to-day environment, OSHA – General Industry and Construction projects around the Division, and DOT compliance in a $40 million monthly revenue producing Division. Manage the division claims of over $2.1 million annually.

Key Accomplishments:

§ Decreased the overall expense of safety equipment by proper training, implementations of effective engineering principles, and establishing fixed pricing of safety supplies through bidding process of competing competitors, which resulted in an overall reduction in safety operating costs by 80%

§ Implemented a job observation program to find and eliminate accidents and injuries before they occurred and increased the overall training of defensive driving that resulted in an overall reduction by 72% of accidents and a 69% decrease in large loss injuries.

§ Managed each case to minimize the overall cost of the claims and instituted a modified duty program for all injured employees that resulted in a 54% reduction in claims costs.


A waste company with over $4 billion annual revenue, 35,000 employees, and 22,000 commercial vehicles

District Safety and Human Resources Manager, June 1995 to August 1999

Hire, train, and motivate over 100 employees at three sites. Manage the daily human resource issues and process the weekly payroll for all employees. Ensure that all employees are properly trained and that each site is in compliance with OSHA, EPA, and DOT regulations.

Key Accomplishments:

§ Established a safety-training program in each of the three sites that resulted in an overall reduction in claims and injures by 100% for 1 ½ years.

§ Instituted a DOT files program to ensure compliance with all DOT regulations.

§ Implemented a facility audit program to ensure compliance with all OSHA and EPA regulations.

Professional Training