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7 Tips to Energize Your Safety Meetings

posted Feb 8, 2010, 1:11 PM by David Wright

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We’ve all had plenty of experience with safety meetings. We’ve attended many, and some of us have led many. While some of these meetings have been highly effective, many — maybe most — have not been effective at all.
I recently completed a round of safety training sessions for a large industrial company. I asked the supervisors, lead men, and safety coordinators in each session to give me their best estimate of the percentage of safety meetings they’ve experienced over the years that were, in their judgment, really effective. Estimates ranged from a high of 75 percent down to five percent, with the average response being well less than 50 percent.
This is troubling news. This company in question is a benchmark organization with a good safety record and a commitment to protecting its employees and anyone else on site. Still, the overall perception was that the safety-dedicated, safety-focused, “half-hour a week” training event did not even begin to accomplish its objectives.
I would wager employees in most other companies would respond similarly.

What’s the goal?
Whether meeting goals are identified consciously or not, a safety meeting should activate safety awareness and safe behavior on the part of every crew member. Meetings should encourage everyone involved to watch out for and coach each other. For me, this is the core purpose of a safety meeting.
But in a familiar worst-case scenario, a supervisor simply reads a safety bulletin or an accident report from a regulatory body database. Participants then sign a roster indicating they attended the meeting. Then everyone gets back to work.

How can meetings be more effective?
The following seven steps will enable leaders of safety meetings to get the most out of their efforts:

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